AJ Peapos

Financial Associate

AJ joined the team in March of 2022 after graduating from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with two degrees in Finance and Marketing. He has always considered himself analytical but did not truly fall in love with finance until his sophomore year while interning with a small financial advisory firm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was at this time that he discovered The Money Guy Show and started to think about all of the financial possibilities that can be missed if you do not have a professional in your corner. After meeting the staff at Abound Wealth and seeing the surrounding area, he packed his bags from Allentown, Pennsylvania and moved to Tennessee on 30-day notice.

Outside of the office, AJ likes to stay active playing sports, running, or working out at the gym. He loves watching college football and basketball, but would have to pick Formula 1 as his favorite spectator sport.

Things You Didn’t Know About AJ

  • He trains Muay Thai on his free time
  • He is the tallest person in the office standing at 6 foot 7 inches
  • His dad is 6’8 and played professional basketball for the Panathinaikos while his mom is only 5’4 she was a cheerleader
  • He competed in track and field in college as a high jumper
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