Alex Crouch, CFP®

Financial Associate

Alex officially joined the Abound Wealth team in May 2021. After stints at two of the largest companies in the financial services industry, Alex recognized the value of having a personal relationship with a financial advisor that can tackle your unique challenges and be a sounding board for the issues that keep you up at night. He has seen many do-it-your-selfers make well intentioned mistakes with their personal finances that cost them dearly in the long run. He chose to leave the world of large, corporate firms in favor of more personal relationships with clients to take a deeper, more holistic dive into clients’ financial pictures. Alex was attracted to the quality work and personal touch at Abound Wealth, so he and his family moved across state lines from North Carolina to Tennessee to join the firm. He believes that he can have a more meaningful impact on others’ lives in an intimate setting where he can cultivate trust in a long-term partnership with clients.

Alex was born in Charlotte, NC, and he lived there for the first 31 years of his life (outside of the one year he spent in Columbus, OH.) but he and his family are excited to plant roots and call Franklin home. Outside the office, Alex enjoys playing basketball and supporting his hometown teams, the Panthers and the Hornets. Any chance he gets, Alex can be found doing a deep-dive into a new financial subject, and he is always on the hunt for a good podcast.  

Things You Didn’t Know About Alex

  •  Alex’s first pet was a hedgehog named Bowser. The resemblance was uncanny.
  • His son, Elliot, was born at 11 pm on New Year’s Eve, narrowly beating the deadline to be eligible for the Child Tax Credit – Happy New Year!
  • He lost his front tooth to a basketball net while dunking with his mouth open in middle school. He usually does not tell people that the goal had been lowered to 8 feet.
  • When Alex met his future wife, they were both called “Alex”. After being called “boy Alex” and “girl Alex” while dating, she changed her name to Allie and conversations have been much less confusing ever since.
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