Frequently Asked Questions

Is Abound Wealth fee-only?
Yes! Abound Wealth is a fee-only financial advisory firm. This means we only get paid through fees charged to our clients and do not make any money from commissions or selling products.
Is Abound Wealth a fiduciary?
Yes. Advisors that adhere to the fiduciary standard must place the best interests of the client before their own interests. Not all advisors adhere to the fiduciary standard, but Abound Wealth does. We believe operating with full transparency is the best practice.
Does Abound Wealth accept commissions from life insurance or other services?
As fiduciary fee-only advisors, Abound does not accept any form of compensation on products sold. Abound is paid for the advice we provide to the benefit of our clients, never the products we sell.
What is the Abundance Cycle?

The Abundance Cycle is not only part of our business model but how we serve our audience and our team. This is our philosophy and way of life. When you find The Money Guy Show for the first time, we hope you’ll learn smart financial principles, apply that knowledge to your own financial life, and implement simple strategies that will grow your wealth. We load you up with free information and the financial knowledge you need to build your wealth. Once you reach a certain point of success, you’ll realize you don’t want to go it alone. When you reach that point, you’ll come back to where it all started: The Money Guy Show and Abound Wealth.

Does my location matter when working with Abound Wealth?

We work remotely with clients all around the country, so physical location is not an issue for us. Through email, phone calls, and video chat, we easily share answers and information in whatever way is most convenient for you. We only work with clients based in the U.S., but encourage all of our international listeners to take advantage of the show and all of the free resources available on

What is Abound Wealth’s fee structure?

Abound Wealth charges a percentage of assets under management (AUM) fee for advisory services.

How do I know it’s time to work with a financial advisor?

The gravity of your financial decisions becomes so great that you no longer feel comfortable going at it alone. When you first start building financial independence, a 10% blunder on $10,000 probably won’t derail your long-term plans. As your assets grow, that 10% blunder can substantially alter your plans if your assets have grown to critical mass of at least $400k – $500k.

Your financial situation has gotten complicated. Whether your household income is increasing, your compensation structure is changing due to employer incentives, your taxes are becoming more “involved,” or you’re unsure of how the retirement, college, estate, investing, tax, and insurance pieces of the puzzle all fit together, your financial situation is probably more complicated now than it was when you first started out. Your overlying question shifts from “what do I do?” to “am I doing everything I am supposed to being doing, and am I doing it in the most efficient manner possible?”

There aren’t enough hours in the day. Trying to balance work, family, community, and recreational activities can make it extremely difficult to carve out time to focus on your financial affairs. Life gets busy,  and the busier it gets, the more you want to make sure you can focus on those things that truly matter. Having someone help take some of the financial burden can create the abundance that you need.

Does Abound Wealth have minimums?

It generally makes sense for people to hire a holistic financial advisor when they reach $500k in assets. With the plethora of free information available from online sources like The Money Guy Show and the explosion of low-cost investing, staying on top of your financial life is now easier than ever. Abound Wealth’s minimums fall between $500-750k, depending on account structure and personal circumstances.

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