Daniel May

Financial Associate

Daniel joined Abound Wealth in the summer of 2019 after graduating from the University of Georgia with degrees in Financial Planning and Consumer Journalism. He enjoys working through every step of the planning process and seeing goals through from beginning to end. In addition to the financial planning side of the business, Daniel is very passionate about writing and loves contributing to the Money Guy show under the pen name Intern Dan.

Daniel moved to Franklin, Tennessee in May 2019 from Athens, Georgia and is looking forward to the (slightly) colder winters. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Anna, reading, and taking care of his plants.

Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel

  • He loves plants and is an avid gardener, and dreams of one day owning enough land to plant a large vegetable garden.
  • The Cleveland Browns are Daniel’s favorite sports team, and his dad grew up outside Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Daniel became an aspiring writer after getting a perfect score on the Georgia High School Writing Test, and he began pursuing financial planning (in addition to a career in writing) in college.
  • In previous lives, Daniel worked at a ballpark, a grocery store, and a call center.
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