Grace Lewis, CFP®

Financial Associate

Grace joined the Abound Wealth family in March 2022. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in finance, she spent the first years of her career as a financial analyst in the banking industry, then made the decision to move into a financial planning career. Grace is passionate about helping others and building relationships. She believes strongly in the peace that comes with a sound financial plan and in helping others live a full life while prudently planning for a comfortable future.

Outside of the office, Grace and her husband, Tanner, enjoy cooking, going to concerts, and spending time with their families. Grace and Tanner have two English Bulldogs, Butterz and Raisin, who they love to spoil, and hope to have more in the future.

Things You Didn’t Know About Grace

  • Grace grew up listening to Dave Ramsey, was required to budget and track her expenses starting at age 14, and is a long time Money Guy Show listener. One of her chores when she was growing up was to “Do her Finances”, which she admittedly hated.
  • Grace and her family were in a “Click It Or Ticket” commercial for Alabama in 2007.
  • Grace’s dream from age 5 until she was 18 was to go to the Culinary Institute of America and study to be a pastry chef. After she researched the tuition costs and learned about student loans, she decided baking as a hobby would be sufficient instead.
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