James Poulsen

Financial Associate

James joined the Abound Wealth Team in March 2024. James graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2022. During his undergraduate degree, James realized that he didn’t have a passion for engineering and wanted to work in a profession where he could work with people on a more individual level. James’ brother knew of James’ love of personal finance and turned him onto The Money Guy Show. Several years later, after receiving a master’s degree in financial planning and analytics from Utah Valley University, James has finally accomplished his goal of joining Abound Wealth Management.

James was born on an Airforce base in Japan but grew up in small town along the Indiana/Kentucky border called Newburgh. After attending one year at Brigham Young University, James served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in southern Tokyo, Japan. After returning from Japan, James returned to BYU and met his wife, Rachel. Outside of work, James enjoys reading, playing the trombone, cooking new recipes, and spending time with friends.

Things You Didn’t Know About James

  • James can play trombone, euphonium, and piano and participated in marching band,
    concert band, show-choir back-up band, pit orchestra for musicals, symphonic orchestra, and several jazz bands.
  • He once performed a concert with former Rolling Stones lead trombonist, Michael Davis.
  • James won a chemical refinery design competition in the final year of his undergraduate degree; too bad he immediately switched into a different field after graduating!
  • He once accidentally covered his entire engineering lab and classmates in water after inadvertently causing a small, contained explosion in his freshman chemical engineering lab.
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