Matt Smith

Social Media Producer
Matt joined The Money Guy Show in November of 2023 to help spread the message further using the power of social media. Matt helps plan, create, post, and track all social media content posted by the show. Originally from New Jersey, Matt graduated from Boston University with a Business Degree in Marketing. Prior to working at The Money Guy Show, Matt worked on the agency side of social media. In his spare time, Matt enjoys cooking, playing video games, and cheering alongside Philadelphia’s passionate sports fans.

Things You Didn’t Know About Matt

  • He’s visited 30 states and 22 countries, with hopes to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents.
  • He took a 7 hour, overnight bus ride to be in Philadelphia when the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
  • He once competed in the Sudoku National Championship. He didn’t win, but he was featured in the newspaper article.
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