Megan Green

Content Developer
Megan joined The Money Guy team in July of 2023. She works alongside Daniel on show-writing, and helps create articles and social media posts.

Megan is originally from Dallas, Texas. She went to Baylor University for music and taught middle school band for two years. While teaching, she found The Money Guy Show and listened to every episode for two years straight. When an opportunity came up to apply, she took it and moved to Tennessee two months later! In her spare time, Megan loves reading, hiking with her boyfriend, and watching soccer.

Things You Didn’t Know About Megan

  • She has visited 16 national parks. Her favorite memory is watching the sunset on Haleakala.
  • She once won a $500 gift card to Half-Price Books in a raffle.
  • Megan grew up playing card games every night with her family. Her favorites include Euchre, Hearts, and Yaniv.
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