Yochanan Hershoff

Financial Associate

Yochanan joined Abound Wealth in June 2022 as a member of the Portfolio Reporting team. Having grown up in Jerusalem, he was required to serve 3 years in the Israel Defense Forces, which he spent along the Jordanian border. During that time, he self-educated himself in accounting and finance and discovered the Money Guy Show, which influenced his thoughts on personal finance.

After his time in the military, Yochanan moved to New York to pursue an accounting degree while working for a CPA as well as at a group home for individuals with disabilities. He later decided to pursue his passion in personal finance, relocating to Franklin, Tennessee with his fiancé Naomi. He has always encouraged his family and friends to make wise money decisions so they can reach financial independence, so it is only fitting that he now pursues his passion while working at Abound Wealth. Yochanan and Naomi enjoy hiking and traveling and are excited to explore the state of Tennessee.

Things You Didn’t Know About Yochanan

  • He spent a month solo backpacking across Europe, traveling to 7 destinations in all, staying at hostels, and exploring the rich culture and history of the countries he visited. This experience fueled a forever love of traveling.
  • He believes in hard work: In 2021 he worked 5,000 hours while completing 54 credits of school (with a 4.0 GPA); in all, he completed 124 credits in 2.5 years while working an average of 90 hours a week. This allowed him to not only fully pay for his school with no debt, but also to start building his army of dollar bills to work for him.
  • Yochanan enjoys watching and playing sports. He played organized baseball from age 11 to 17.
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